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The  World News Forecast is a foreign news calendar, planner, daybook, diary and outlook. It delivers foresight and insight,  the starting points for award-winning news coverage and profitable planning in any field. It is published as GN NewsAhead by NewsAhead Internationalin partnership with Graphic News, the world's preeminent publisher of infographics. To read the news highlights of 2015, choose from one of several GN NewsAhead options and order HERE.

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Our overview of world news for the coming year delivers the stories that count to newsgatherers, newsmakers and anyone else who benefits from the long view on world events. We select only those stories with enough heft to generate headlines when the future becomes the present.

And we explain why the listing is newsworthy. Our research into its significance saves you time, aids
decision-making and gives you a head start on competitors and with planning. Another benefit? GN NewsAhead is a perpetual fund of story ideas for right now. 

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GN NewsAhead doesn’t just deliver anything with a future date. Future events are sifted for stories certain to generate global interest and regional headlines. Not only are the essential Who? What? When? and Where? included but also a synopsis, explaining why the event is potentially newsworthy, with links to reference material.
It takes the experienced editors at Newsahead and Graphic News to decide if a future event is likely to be of international interest. Graphic News, with over 30 years in the industry, has built a reputation for producing infographics of the highest quality at a price media publishers around the world can afford . The natural partnership of two major suppliers of services to the global media industry -- a transatlantic collaboration -- has produced GN NewsAhead.

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Details of the full GN NewsAhead service, options, prices, an order form and contact information are presented in a comprehensive FAQ that is available via the GN NewsAhead link on the home page of Graphic News, www.graphic